Monthly Archives: September 2013

Complete Control Junk Removal Services

Moving somehow always generates junk. When someone moves they find items they don’t use, don’t need, or don’t want anymore. Many people who are preparing to move will find they have a basement or an attic stuffed full of junk that they haven’t seen in ten or fifteen years. And when they move they’ll want to get rid of it. This why movers, particularly movers who deal with wealthy high end clientele who want a …

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Junk Removal Services gone wrong!

Have you ever hired a company to do some work for you that they turn out so bad and you wish you never had called them in the first place? Then welcome to bad junk removal services by any random company you happened to find in the phone book. Yes, it happens a lot to many of our customers. They believe they are hiring a competent company and all of a sudden it just doesn’t …

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