Dreaded Trash Day

It’s that time of the year agin, when you have to do your spring cleaning and pick up after all that trash that you have neglected the rest of the days. You know you should get it done but sometimes you just get really lazy and tired that you ignore. What a bad choice that is! I’m kicking myself in the rear now for not keeping up with the dreaded trash day and getting rid of all my clutter and junk! let me tell you my story of my dreaded trash day!

I thought i had it all planned out and would be able to get rid of all of my junk by having a really cheap garage sale. Well, it looks like i had a massive Garage Junk fail as i was still left with a large amount of items from the garage sale at my disposal. I sold most of the little nic-nacs but i just couldn’t get rid of any of the other junk. Largely the things i wanted to get rid of the most like the old appliances and desks and such things. To top it all off i didn’t even make that much from the yard sale anyways, which was a total waste of my time. 

I should have listened to my brother in-law who always deals with junk removal and trash out services since he is a realtor and has to deal with foreclosed homes. He gave me some good advice and mentioned that i should hire a junk removal services company to take care of all the things i need to get rid of. I thought he was out of his mind for suggesting i pay money to get rid of my junk.

Well i finally caved and called a junk removal services los angeles company and they gave me a really great price! So much lower than i was expecting and they came out and did the job THAT DAY! I was so happy!