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What Can Garbage Tell Us About History?

For most of human history trash was not picked up. Garbage removal consisted mostly of either burying trash, burning trash, or leaving trash where it fell. What can this lack of garbage removal tell us about our past? Quite a bit it turns out. Archaeologists frequently sift through garbage from ancient civilizations to find out how they ate and lived day to to day. Archaeologists have even found old beer recipes from Ancient Egypt in …

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What is Garbage Removal? 03/15/2013

It seems like garbage removal has been around forever. If you grew up in the 1960s or later you may have never visited a landfill or a dump. Your interaction with garbage removal might only be taking your garbage out to the garbage can or dumpster, knowing it will disappear in a few days. But garbage removal is relatively recent invention.  The concept of garbage removal goes back into the B.C.E.’s The first known garbage …

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