Junk Services Los Angeles

My friend just recently called me up and asked me for some help cleaning out his house because the city was planning on evicting him. Now if you don’t know my friend (which i’m sure you don’t) his place is a total pig stye and i really wanted to say no and go about my day being lazy. I was trying to come up with every excuse in the book but he just wouldn’t have any of it. He needed help with junk removal, bulky item pick up and old appliance trash out. He thought we would be able to do the job ourselves and when i told him we needed a truck to get all this done he mentioned stuffing everything in his Pacer and making a couple trips would be easy and fast! LOL

I quickly told him to give me a few minutes while i got changed but secretly i went online to look for a Junk Removal Services Company with the lowest prices in his area. I found one and quickly booked their services and arranged for them to meet me at my friends house.

When we all arrived at my friends house i gave him the price and compared to how much time and money he and I would have spent if we tried to do this alone.He agreed to proceed with the service and his junk removal service went smoothly and according to plan!