Junk removal companies have become a fashionable option for people who need to clear out large amounts of junk and trash and accumulated unwanted “stuff”. But the truth is you don’t need to dial 1-800 and you don’t need a junk removal company to clean up your junk. All you need is a bit of planning, a truck, and a free weekend.

Step 1. Make a Plan of Attack 

Figure out how much junk you have and how much stuff you need to get rid of … You can accomplish this by just doing a simple walkthrough of a house and assessing where you need to clean. Also plan how and where your going to get rid of your junk. A lot of landfills aren’t open to the public (you need to be a licensed waste management company to dump in a landfill) so you may need to dispose of some of your trash in the normal curbside trash pick up, rent a dumpster to dispose of the large trash, and donate the unwanted stuff that still works to a charity or thrift shop of your choice.

Step 2. Rent a Truck

If you need to get rid of an old appliance or piece of furniture you will want to rent a truck and a heavy dolly so you can haul away your bulky item. You can either find a charity that accepts appliances or furniture, or take them to a scrap recycler.

Step 3. Pick a Weekend and Take the Time to Do It Right

Pick a weekend to clean up and stick to it. Remember you may need the entire weekend to clean up. Junk wasn’t accumulated in a day and may not be cleaned up in a day. 

If you use these tips you’ll be hauling away junk like the pros.