Junk removal is a fast way to get rid of a lot of trash. If you are cleaning out a large space that has been stuffed with junk over the years — a garage for instance — a junk removal service is one of the best ways to do it. But before your junk removal company shows up for an appointment there are a few things you should do first.

1. Bring Everything Downstairs

A lot of junk removal services will charge extra if they have to go up and down stairs. A lot of junk removal companies simply don’t like cleaning out second floor or third floor rooms, so make it easy for them. The day before your junk removal company is scheduled to arrive bring all your junk down from the second and/or third floor and put them in a central location near an easily access door.

2. Label All Your Hazardous Materials and Bag Them Up

Some junk removal services take hazardous materials, some don’t, so check with your junk removal service first … but if they are expected to haul away your household hazardous materials make sure you wrap all your hazardous materials in plastic bags (for easy disposal) and label those bags clearly. Make sure you keep everything grouped together. Paints with paints, etc.

3. Sort Your Junk 

Try to pre-sort as much of your junk as possible. Make three piles, or find three plastic bins. One for items to keep, one for donation, one for for the junk removal company. Since the objective here is to declutter make sure your donate and throw away piles larger than your keep pile.

Doing some of the work of a junk removal service before them will make your junk removal run faster and smoother.