We removed all the junk, trash and even the carpet from the last Blockbuster in the area last November. The owner asked us to remove all signs, displays and shelving too. After we gutted the building, the owner had us remove the carpet that was glued down to the concrete.

Now that was a serious workout. I took a sample of carpet to be recycled but it was too thin and there was no padding…so it went to the dump. After we pulled up all the carpet, we swept up the floor clean. Even still we managed to recycle computers, electronics and over 10,000 lbs of metal in the process.

All the guys were happy to be doing this junk removal as they got to see some pretty old videos. Some of the younger guys didn’t even know what VHS was?!?

We really enjoyed junk removing inside the video store because it gave us a chance to have some video memories!

I saw the funniest thing there…remember “Be Kind Rewind” the tape rewinder was left behind in the office.