How should Junk Removal work be approached?

Junk Removal Companies provide a free telephone estimate. Why a telephone estimate? A phone estimate saves you time. Tell us how much junk you need to get rid of and our friendly office staff will provide you with a price. It is just that simple. No hidden tricks or gimmicks.

Once you’ve booked your appointment we dispatch a pair of junk removal specialists and a larger than average truck to your location. Our friendly junk removal professionals haul away the junk you want hauled away. Again, it is just that simple.

What Won’t Junk Removal Services Haul Away?

Junk Removal Services can haul away most types of junk. There are a certain items – like household paints, household cleaners, automotive fluids, batteries, televisions, and computer monitors – that most landfills class as hazardous. Junk Removal Services can help you dispose of or recycle most of these hazardous materials.

Junk Removal Services cannot dispose of ammunition, firearms, or explosives.

For more specific information about our disposal policies and to talk to a junk removal estimator contact your Junk Removal Services today.