Most of the time we don’t think of junk removal companies and junk haulers as environmentalists. We often see those junk removal dump trucks roaming around your neighborhoods in Los Angeles and think, ew, just another garbage truck. But in reality¬†junk removal services in Los Angeles are spearheading the way for garbage recyclers. Most junk removal services in Los Angeles actually recycle a majority of the items they haul away.

When a junk removal company hauls away household or commercial junk they don’t take it to the landfill immediately. A good junk removal company sorts through all the household and commercial junk they collect, organize it, and then separate it.

Most junk removal companies recover some fairly useable items. Many are things like small appliances, or old toys, or even clothes that can be donated to charity. Many junk removal companies in Los Angeles support local charities and those charities’ thrift shops by donating useable items to those same thrift shops.

In cases where something isn’t in any condition to donate to charity junk removal companies can and still do recycle. Take a box spring mattress for instance. Junk removal companies can recycle the wood and metal springs. Sometimes they can even recycle the fabric.

On average junk removal services in Los Angeles recycle between 50% to 90% of the items they haul away. Junk removal companies are blazing the path towards a greener, more recyclable and reusable future.