junk removal service pops up every day in Los Angeles. It is a business with a fairly low bar for entry. Really all you need is a truck and a strong back. But how do you know you are getting your money’s worth when you hire a junk removal service? Here are some questions to ask your junk removal service before hiring them.

1. How Do You Price Your Junk Removal Service?

Junk removal services in Los Angeles will generally charge based on volume (i.e. how much you fill the truck with) or a flat rate per load. You also want to find out whether their quote includes labor or whether they charge a separate fees for labor. Also you want to find out if a junk removal service charges more for electronics, like computer monitors, and large bulky items like appliances and televisions

2. Will Your Junk Removal Service Remove All My Junk?

When you call a junk removal service make sure you describe all the junk you want removed. Some junk removal services in Los Angeles will not dispose of certain types of junk. Some junk removal service may not handle certain small jobs, or large jobs.

3. How Will You Get Rid of My Junk? You can your junk recycled or disposed of properly at a local landfill. You don’t want your junk to be dumped illegally.

4. Are You a Licensed and Bonded Junk Removal Service? License and bonding is a requirement for most businesses operating in Los Angeles. Also a company that has a license shows a commitment to responsible business practices.

5. How Long Have You Been in Business? Junk removal services come and go in Los Angeles at a rapid rate. Finding a junk removal service that has been in business for a while ensures you are doing business with a junk removal service that has a long standing reputation.