Junk removal services have grown sharply in popularity. At the same time dumpster rental services have gotten less popular. The reason should be obvious to most. A dumpster rental service only gives you a dumpster. You, and a cadre of  close friends and family, are responsible for filling it with whatever junk you need removed from your life. A junk removal service brings a truck and a couple of workers, minimizing the amount of labor you and your friends have to put into a Spring cleaning project. Still many people don’t know what a junk removal service does so today I’ll discuss what a junk removal services does …

A Junk Removal Service Removes Junk 

This like a “Well DUH!” answer but its obvious. A junk removal service is a service that specializes in removing, recycling, hauling, and disposing of junk. Junk removal services typically remove just about any kind of junk. Household junk, construction debris, trash, garbage, and rubbish. 

Most junk removal services use a big truck with a crew of two people (a drive and a foreman) to haul away whatever junk that needs to be removed.

Junk Removal Services Handle Toxic Chemicals and Electronics

A lot of people don’t realize that they have a bunch of toxic chemicals in their homes until it comes time to get rid of paint leftover from a remodel or an old computer monitor. While not directly hazardous to us, stuff like paint and computer monitors, are considered hazardous by most waste dumps and disposal sites. Many city dumps will only allow a normal person to throw away hazardous materials twice a year.

Most junk removal services are licensed to dispose of hazardous and toxic materials year around. A lot of people who need to get rid of paints, motor oil, car fluids, and computer monitors call a junk removal service to get rid of them.

Junk Removal Services Handle Bulky Items

Especially in large cities bulky items, like old appliances and televisions, can be hard or impossible to dispose of. Most junk removal services have a bulky item pick up service that comes to your house and hauls away large, hard to dispose of items.

Junk Removal Services Handle Hoarders

Hoarding in the United States seems to be on the rise. Every week a newspaper seems to feature a horror story about a house or apartment packed to the roof with junk, trash, garbage and much worse. When someone has to clean up after a hoarder, that someone is typically a junk removal service. Most junk removal services have had extensive experience with cleaning up after hoarders.

Junk Removal Services Also Handle Garbage Removal and Trash Pick Up

Junk removal services also handle garbage removal and trash pick up services. Junk removal services help get rid of garbage and trash from homes, apartments, and buildings.

So these are the basic services most junk removal services offer. Some might offer other services like dumpster rental or disaster clean up, but almost every junk removal service will offer these basic services.

March 14, 2013